PC and Mac Repair

We Repair and Support the Major Computer Brands. Let Us Know If your Computer is Acting Up or has Crashed. We Are Expert in Data Recovery and Computer Maintenance

Network Security

Are You Really Sure that Your Network is Secure? Contact Us to See if your Network is Really Bulletproof

Customized IT Services

Do You Need to Speak the IT Language? We Offer a Wide Range of Services and State of the Art Technology. We Are always on Top of Things and Catch Up with the Main Advances in Technology

Do You really want to Know Which Is the Best Computer Out There?

The One We Can Build For You Because We Love to Do It !

Let's Go !

Thank You for Your Help – Pc Doctor

My Office Network Was Down Because it Was Misconfigured and I did Not Know that the Previous Technicians Put Two Routers Together. You Really Know What You Are Doing Guys !

Tom B - Princeton Helped On April 2014

Where We Stand Out

Where We Stand Out

 Pc Doctor loves to help any individual or business who has issues with technology. We are really customer centric and patient in answering all the questions that arrive to us. We do not only take phone calls,  but we act… ...

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Learn from Us How to Turn Technology into a Friend