Pc Doctor offers a wide range of professional IT services and our efforts are directed to helping individuals and any tipe of business size:


Although hardware is very limited in the day to day computing, users still have issues such as viruses, Blue Screen of Death, lack of updates and improper computer configuration. As we are proficient in all the three main systems, Windows is the one that makes us work harder for its inherent vulnerabilities. In the specific case of Windows, small businesses are adviced to enroll in a maintenance program that Pc Doctor gladly offers.


Macs are very well engineered and crafted machines but they do not last forever. The problems that MAcs have today are mostly caused by third party software installed that, when the OSX is upgraded, stops working or blocks other programs of your Imac. Contact us to have an estimate of the work that needs to be done to make your machine run flawlessly.


90% of the users do not normally back up their devices. Why? Being too busy? Not at all: most of the user just forget this important task, and when the computer crashes, it is harder and more expensive to retrieve data from faulty hard drives. We can cosnult with you on the best strategy to make simple backups up to redundant backups for your business or your small home office. Do you know that even your smartphone should have a backup?


Even small environments should have a server, because a network with up to 10 computers needs security, redundancy, backup and file storage. We can build from scratch a server for you using Windows or Linux as operating systems. Inside this server many other environments can be built such as virtualization.


Cloud is the big deal today, but many users are still skeptical in leaving their data on cloud servers managed by third parties. Pc Doctor is able to build cloud servers from scratch so that the data stored will be preserved within the perimeter of the company itself.


When an ISP hooks up a company or a home, it does not really know if the wireless network is going to be big or fast. The standard routers offered by the ISPs are really “standard” and sometimes perform poorly. We are specialist in mapping out the main areas of your house or office and in suggesting how you can get rid of dead spots. You can have with us a good coverage in your house for all the devices hooked up to the router.


Security is not an afterthought but a priority. Even if you a have a MAC, you should watch out for havocs and malware trying to sneak into your network. We work preventively to tighten the systems up and to route all the traffic through safe servers. Especially when you have kids, adopting a parental control policy is the first step towards a cleaner and safer network.