This page provides relevant information regarding how we interact with our users and is based on our experience.

Q: Do you offer onsite or offsite support?

A: We offer both types of services and charge almost nothing if there is an offsite estimate or network survey. If users have their single computer that does not work anymore, we recommend them to reach our facility. If, on the other hand , a network has issues, Pc Doctor will go to the place where the network is.

Q: Do you repair any type of computer?

A: We normally do, although now laptops’ hardware is very thin, and our hands still find room for working inside traditional desktops.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: It depends from the type of service, the size of the network and the distance. Please contact us to have a better idea of our fees.

Q: Do you fix laptop screens?

A: No we don’t. Laptop screens are not an easy fix nowadays and it is not always easy to find replacement screens.

Q: Do you install printers?

A: We install any type of printer that can be connected or to the network or to the computers. We also install printers on Linux systems where normally it is hard to find compatible drivers. We do setup air print from Ipads and from smartphones as well.

Q: Can you setup an entire network?

A: Yes we’d love to do it! We can take care of any part of the process beginning from routers and servers until the configuration of each client.

Q: Do you build computers too?

A: We build computers as this is our real passion. Although we support all the major computer brands, we like to build computers from scratch and if you don’t trust us, we can build one in one or two hours in front of your eyes !